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We will work together to address gut health, hormonal imbalances and lifestyle habits.

Why are you experiencing skin issues, why are you feeling exhausted, even after a good night’s sleep and why you may be struggling to lose weight or have feelings of bloating most of the time. We will address gut health, stress management and lifestyle habits and patterns. You’ll receive a personalised one to one support to guide you, as you build better and more long-lasting habits.
Everyone is an individual and everyone knows their own body better than anyone else.

My goal for you is to support you in your journey become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.


Stress Management

Skin Health

Welcome to Healthy Truth! I’m Katie, your dedicated health coach, and I’m here to guide you on a transformative journey to holistic well-being. With a background as an advanced skin therapist on Harley Street and in aesthetic clinics, I’ve witnessed firsthand the struggles people face with their skin and overall health. My passion lies in uncovering the truth behind health, steering away from mere marketing gimmicks.

Having supported countless clients on their skin journeys, I realised the importance of inner health in achieving radiant skin. This insight led me to retrain as a health and hormone coach, delving deep into the roots of well-being. Through my experiences, I noticed common threads among my clients – fatigue, bloating, anxiety, weight issues, skin concerns, and sleep troubles.

Recognising the link to insulin resistance, I pursued further studies and became an NHS pre-diabetic health coach while pursuing my health science degree. Healthy Truth was born from my desire to break the cycle of misinformation and misguided advice prevalent on social media. I’m here to empower you with knowledge about your body, health, behaviours, and habits. Together, we’ll create a life rooted in health and understanding. I’ll guide you through deciphering your gut health, moving your body effectively, embracing mindfulness, and integrating scientific understanding into your lifestyle.

At Healthy Truth, it’s not just about temporary fixes; it’s about creating lasting, positive changes tailored to you. Join me on this journey, and let’s uncover the truth about your health and well-being together.

What is a
health coach?

A Integrative health and nutrition coach understands that each individual is unique and takes an holistic lens to consider a wide variety of lifestyle factors which can support or undermine health; For example; whether we have purpose and meaning in our lives, what, when and how we eat, whether we move, sleep, rest and play and how we manage stress.

The aim of a integrative health coach is to enable and empower you to respond and adapt positively to challenges to your health, environment, supporting you to develop the confidence, sustainable life choices and pursue activities that support you to achieve your whole health potential.

A health coach understands and respects that everyone is an expert on their own life and remains non-judgemental in supporting, educating and motivating you to find ways to break through resistance and overcome self-sabotage in your journey to whole health.